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 Are you stressed that your career is being derailed? feeling that you're just another face in a huge crowd of candidates?  are you wondering what to do next?
Whether you're frantically looking for a job or trying to avoid a layoff, there are simple steps you can take to feel confident and clear about the value you bring to work.
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Ultimate 3 Step Career Strategy
Is the global crisis killing your Career? 
Whether you're frantically looking for work or trying to avoid a layoff, there are simple steps you can take to regain the optimism and confidence you used to feel about your work. 
Right now, every organization is busy changing their plans and developing a strategy to thrive in the new normal. You need to be doing the same thing with your career. 
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Aicha M.
Tax Director
it was very enriching working with Meredith, I am confident that it absolutely helped me land the next step. Thanks to Meredith for her valuable support and coaching. I highly recommend her services
The FREE Ultimate 3 Step Career Strategy 
 That Will Make You Bulletproof In Any Economy. The career strategy process laid out in this free download will put you in the very top percentile of professionals. 
CAREER TRUTH #1: You have control
Most professionals believe that the conditions of the job market dictate the conditions of their career path. Learn why this doesn't have to be true for you.
career TRUTH #3: Mindset matters
Your understanding of yourself, your company and your industry predict the outcome of your efforts. You cannot expect others to see your full value if you don't. Learn the secrets to seeing yourself as you want to be seen.
career TRUTH #2: you have power
The job postings online and the hiring managers behind them are not the whole picture. There are infinite intapped resources available to empower you with the knowledge to gain leverage in the market place. You just need to understand how to use them.
career TRUTH #4: spend the time
You spend your entire working life producing results for your employer. How much time do you spend working on and for yourself? Learn the tools to develop the discipline to strategize your personal results as well. 

Hi, I'm Meredith Kelly Oke
...(it’s pronounced ‘oak’ like the tree!) and I’m an accredited executive coach (PCC, ICF) with 9 years of experience supporting mid and senior level professionals to navigate their careers toward their desired goals. 

I do this through the Career Strategy Program which provides my clients with a clear plan to move forward and the life-long skillset to self evaluate their areas of high value and their areas of growth potential. They finish knowing they never have to be at the mercy of economic trends or mercurial management again.

The Ultimate 3 Step Career Strategy (part of the Career Strategy Program) is a simple process that shows corporate professionals exactly how to be seen as high value contributors, in any economy. 

Without a strategy, you will continue to be tossed around by the waves of global crisis. With one, you will know your value and how to leverage it, no matter what is going on in the world. 

Sophie C.
Senior Management Consultant
Her approach absolutely helped me move forward with confidence in my work...

I learned so much about myself that made a big impact on my next steps.
Scott B.
VP Client Services
In just a few minutes this information made me realize exactly what I needed to do to move forward...

 It also gave me an idea of the longer term challenges I need to start thinking about
Andrew Neitlich
Executive Leadership Expert
She is a phenomenal coach in all areas of leadership, and especially when it comes to helping professionals develop a vision for their ideal career and a strategy to make it happen. 

She is easy to work with, a great listener and she somehow makes it fun to explore big challenges in leadership and move forward. 

I highly recommend her work.
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